Why the Company You Keep is Crucial to Your Success

If you want to achieve success, it’s crucial to have people around you that support you to do that. Whether it’s knowing their role and staying out of your way when you work. Or supporting you mentally and physically by taking some of the load of you. As long as your company understand the mission and objective/s you have, and understand the role they need to play to help you achieve that. That’s the key.

Your environment is stronger than your willpower

The reason why the company you keep is crucial to your success is because your environment is stronger than your willpower. If the company you keep accepts that you won’t have time for them often, that your number one priority is not them and lies elsewhere (rightly so) then there shouldn’t be a problem. If the company you keep is resistant to that, then it’s not company that you should keep. Not if you actually want to achieve your goals as quickly as possible. 

Most people are comfortable, too comfortable. Good for them. But not for you. If you want to achieve success in whatever you desire, you will know that you will have to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. Unfortunately those that are too comfortable will expect you to be the same as them. They would rather you do what they do instead of do what’s really important. If you have people like this in your company try to limit their influence on you. Whether it’s cutting them off completely or limiting the time you spend with them to something on your terms. It’s your life, you decide.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan comes to mind. It’s clear that he was so fixated on becoming the best basketball player in the world that he left no stone unturned. Especially regarding the company he kept. He spent countless hours working with Tim Grover to develop his body to help him be the best he could be. As well as this he demanded nothing but 100% commitment from his teammates – often causing friction between them in training but dominance in game time. He understood that they weren’t on his level in terms of skill and work ethic, but pushed them to their limits by demanding 100% each and every time. 

But most importantly his teammates understood that. They understood that Michael was obsessed on being the best and did their part to help him showcase what he already knew to the world: that he was the best. He said it himself by labelling his teammates as his supporting cast. But could he have achieved what he achieved without the cooperation of his supporting cast? Absolutely not.

I hope that helps to illustrate the important of good company when achieving success. You must ensure people understand their roles in your life. Especially when you are chasing goals and objectives – there’s no time to waste. Be relentless.

Success isn’t what it seems

For the people who are there with you when you succeed, who stuck by you, make sure you cherish them. When you experience success you will realise it’s usually different from how you anticipated it would be, especially if you have a relentless mindset. I felt this recently when it was confirmed to me that I will be working and living in Shanghai in the near future – a dream of mine. I felt lonely and with an urge to do even more. It felt like the work was only beginning. That’s being relentless – understanding that it begins all over again and this time you need to work harder than before.

You have to be prepared to stand alone, because you had the courage to take the unpopular path, that not many take, by following your own path. Most people don’t take that road, it’s too uncomfortable and mentally challenging. The drive is long and the roads are unclear. But as long as you know where the road leads, that’s all that matters.

Thanks for reading.

Let’s go and get it!



  1. Its the eye of the tiger, the thrill of the fight, rising up to the challenge of our rival. And the last known survivor, stalks the prey in the night. And he’s watching us all in the eye… of the tiger

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