Life’s Timing Will Never Fail You!

It’s been six weeks now since I returned to England from China. At first I wasn’t overly looking forward to coming back. I loved my life in China and really appreciated the solitude I had – it was great and something I’ve always highly valued. I knew that by coming back to England I wouldn’t have as much “me” time – I’d be surrounded by my family most of the time.

Control is an illusion

Six weeks later and things are great. I realised that I was in a rush. I’ve always been in a rush. I was in a rush to treat my achilles tendon (the reason I chose to come back), I was in a rush to recover from surgery and I was in a rush to leave the UK once again. I no longer feel that way. I’m enjoying every moment of being back and I’m really cherishing my time with my family. I’m living in the present and feeling great about it. I have one more appointment tomorrow for my achilles tendon before surgery is supposed to be scheduled. How long the waiting time will be to have the surgical procedure, I do not know. Nor do I know how long it will take to recover. I don’t mind, I’m at peace.

These things are out of my hands. However what’s not out of my hands is the way I react to things, my attitude towards life, and me enjoying (or not) the present moment. I have surrendered myself to the timing of my life, and with the upmost faith I have that things will work out for me, I’m able to really enjoy the present moment whilst also feeling incredibly excited for what’s to come! The plan remains the same: to heal from surgery and relocate abroad again. Where and doing what? I don’t know yet, it’s to be discovered. And I wouldn’t have it any other way!

You need faith

Therefore I want you, my readers, to have the same faith as I do for your own lives. Life rarely goes to plan. Things happen that we do not foresee and suddenly our life changes from one direction to another. Trust it. Trust that it’s happening for your benefit and not for your downfall. What can possibly be achieved by focusing on things that are completely out of our control? Not much right? The key here is to focus on the reality and then shape it to the way we wish it to be.

Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you.

Siri Lindley

Have clear goals

In my case the reality is that I have an achilles tendon issue that has caused me discomfort for three years. The reality is that I need to treat it if I want to achieve my goals of being fit, healthy, and a proficient street dancer. 

The reality is that I have less hair on my temples and that affects the way I feel about myself. Therefore, the reality is, that if I want to have a greater quality of life I need to treat it. I’m looking forward to flying to Budapest next week to have a hair transplant procedure done! 

Life is simple, we often complicate it. We must identify what’s important to us (this can change so it’s recommended to reflect yearly. Although if you know what your values are then you will know what’s important to you). Whether it’s making a lot of money, having strong relationships, looking your best, learning how to dance, travelling around the world, and so on. Once we know what’s truly important to us we must align our actions to make it happen. 

In other words, we must keep the most important thing the most important thing. Only we know what that is for us. 

Thanks for reading.

With gratitude,


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