How to Manifest Anything You Want!

I recently turned 25, and immediately felt more driven and focused – enlarging some of my current goals/habits and adding new ones. 5 years prior: when I was 20 years old, I had written a letter to the 25 year old me. In this letter I wrote about my life back then, explaining what my current situation was, what I was doing and what I wanted to achieve in the future. However it wasn’t really a letter where I set goals that I wanted to achieve by the time I had turned 25. Instead it was more focused on my character traits and mentality. It was a letter designed to look back on when I turned 25, to remind me of how far I had come. I know this because I finally opened that letter when I turned 25.

A lot has changed since then, yet a lot has remained the same. The fire to improve and create my dream life burns just as much, if not more that it did 5 years ago. But once thing that struck me during my reading of that letter was the vision I had back then – although small – and how it is now a reality.

Anything is possible.

Thoughts are Seeds

Our conscious thoughts are just like seeds. They are there to be planted. The positive thoughts, such as thoughts of excitement, joy, desire and love will help you to build a forest of beautiful flowers. The negative thoughts, such as anger, resentment, self-doubt and pity will help you to build a world full of doom and gloom.

We have a decision to make. Are we going to plant the seeds that can give us what we want, or the seeds that give us what we don’t want? This is not saying no to negative thoughts, you can’t do that. They will always be there, every human has experienced them, we are no different. But we can limit the impact they have on us. I believe we can do that by having a vision for our lives, something that we can trust in, to make us feel better and give us hope that things will work out in our favour. 

How do we create a vision for our lives? It’s simple. Think about what you want, the person you want to become. See yourself there. See yourself receiving it/becoming it. Feel it so vividly. Ideally close your eyes and lose yourself in that moment, feel like you already have it. 

The Art of Manifestation 

They say once you feel like you have already achieved it, and I mean really feel like you have achieved it, then your subconscious mind will adapt to your current beliefs and help you to bring it into existence. From Conor McGregor to Jim Carrey to Oprah Winfrey, these multi-millionaires who have achieved what they set out to achieve credit this practice as a big part of their success. 

The question then is, how do we feel like we have already become who we wish to be and achieved what we wish to achieve? Is manifestation just about sitting and dreaming these thoughts for 30 minutes a day or so? What else can we do? 

In order to help us believe we already have what we desire, we can write and create replicas. For example Jim Carrey wrote a 10 million dollar cheque to himself, which he wanted to realise within 3 or 5 years. He did. As well as this – as highlighted above – we can engage in the practice of visualisation. No less than 30 minutes a day. Just yourself visualising the person you wish to be and the life you wish to live. How does your ideal self look? How does your ideal self behave? Ask yourself these questions and then visualise yourself doing/being.

Affirm it

However the most common practice in terms of manifestation are affirmations. Affirming things to yourself to convince yourself that you already have it. This combined with action is a recipe for success. The action will convince your conscious mind that you are working towards it, and the repeated affirmations will convince your subconscious mind that it’s already yours. With both the conscious and subconscious mind in synchrony, it will happen for you. 

Before I end this blog I’d like to state the obvious. Nothing happens without action. Action is, and always will be the key to any type of success or desire being realised. Action is the key component of manifestation

However action doesn’t last long without belief. With belief and action together, we can achieve anything we wish to achieve. The practices discussed above will help you to believe.

Thanks for reading.



  1. The art of manifestation is certainly the thing unseeing people cannot figure out.

    If you plug away without the specific step included, you could bark up the wrong tree, winding up being a sayer loaded with great blueprints.

    No more dilly-dally, since it might be the confectionery to the people who can but engulf them.

    One thing to say it’s consuming to take down each down-to-earth advice from you cause you fetch them from the unfamothable and dull dogma. Self-taught as you are, you choose to be obliging to share as far as you can instead of withholding it. It couldn’t be more noble! So please be quicker on your article publication!

  2. Our subconscious mind will react before our conscious mind has even realised what has happened. That’s the power of the subconscious. Master that and we master our life!
    Thank you Johnny.

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