How to Thrive and Not Just Survive?

‘You often feel tired, not because you’ve done too much. But because you’ve done too little of what sparks a light in you’ –

Alexander den heijer

It’s amazing that, isn’t it? When you do more of the things that you enjoy you feel less tired. Whereas if you don’t do much of what you enjoy you feel more tired. You do more but feel less tired. Now that’s the power of passion! 

Thrive, Don’t Survive!

The world has changed. Humans no longer hunt for food like we used to, stalking a prey, killing it and then ultimately eating it. Likewise we are no longer being hunted by animals either. Our species have evolved substantially. There’s no longer a reason to be as aware of danger like there was before. Times have changed. Nevertheless the survival instinct in the brain is still as present as ever. We have evolved much more than our brains. The capability of the human brain exceeds far more than we could ever imagine. There are some in the world that prove this, Wim Hof – “The IceMan” – being one that comes to mind.

The survival mindset holds us back. Immediately when trying something new or faced with any form of hostility or threat the brain signals fear. It signals retreat and it signals survival. Yet as we all know stepping across that line can be the most beautiful experience of all. For example many of us are afraid of public speaking, especially to a large audience. But for those who have conquered that fear, you will know that it isn’t as bad as it seems. In fact it’s liberating and a truly great experience. The same applies for most fears. Overcoming fears is a liberating experience. 

The survival mindset also seeks to keep what is comfortable and remove all that is uncomfortable, even if that what is uncomfortable can help you to improve your life. Anything uncomfortable is deemed a threat by the survival mindset, and if it’s deemed a threat, it’s regarded as something to stay away from. Now that could be for a good reason. But if you know that there’s something you want and feel like you should do. Then no matter how uncomfortable it is, it must be done. You owe it to your soul. 

So how can we stop surviving and start thriving? Below are some bullet points and explanations that I have drawn up, using Tony Robbins’ work as a source of guidance and inspiration.

  • Be Accountable
  • Focus on Your Vision
  • Stay Hungry
  • Turn Fear into Action

Be Accountable

It’s your life. You own it. You are the creator. By accepting that you own your life and taking responsibility and accountability for what happens in your life, you feed yourself. This is because you recognise that everything that you want you can make happen, because it’s all in your hands.  The power is in your hands – start thriving! 

Focus on Your Vision

We’re all different. We all want different things from life. So focus on what you want from life, not what others want from you. Focus on your vision and ensure that what you do and the values you have reflect that vision. Subsequently you’ll be living a life true to yourself. How to thrive is different for everyone, so ensure that your way is reflective of vision.

Stay Hungry

How much hunger do you have to thrive? Is it more than the fear that tries to consume you? You know what is right for you and what you want so go for it. Trust yourself, block out the noise, stay true to who you are and chase your dreams. That is the way to thrive!

Turn Fear into Action

Fear is usually the first thing that stops us from making a step towards our goals. Fear of failure or loss, and even failure of success. For success alienates us and we all want to belong, not be alienated. The first key on how to thrive is to allow yourself to feel that fear. Ask yourself what it’s telling you. It’s likely that it’s telling you more about your limiting beliefs than actual facts about the state of the world. When we free ourselves from these beliefs, we become unstoppable. We can feel our fears and take action anyway. That’s what it means to thrive, not survive.

Thanks for reading.

With love.


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