Start Early, If You Want to Finish Early

I’ve always been a big believer of getting the most important thing done first thing in the morning. It sets you up for the day. It helps you to start your day productively and gives you momentum to build on.

But I’ve also always been a big believer of getting the most important thing done, early in the morning. Waking up and completing the most important task of the day is satisfying. But waking up early and completing the most important task of the day is even better. I believe this for two simple reasons. Firstly it gives you more hours in the day to do what you want to do. Secondly it sets up your productiveness for the rest of the day.

Just keep living

Time stops for no one. The clock is always ticking. Right now, in this moment, you are as young as you will ever be. If that’s not an incentive to make the time count I don’t know what is. By waking up early you give yourself more time. More time to enjoy the day. More time to tackle new challenges and grow. More time to do the things that you want to do.

Every day there are tasks to complete. Whether it’s as small as shopping or doing your laundry, or as big as completing a personal or business project. Regardless of what it is, if possible, doing it early in the morning is crucial to your productivity and your overall satisfaction for the rest of the day. As highlighted above, completing your key tasks early gives you momentum to build on for the rest of the day. It’s all about time.

Win the morning and you win the day

So what are the benefits of waking up early? Generally speaking people who wake up early tend to eat breakfast whereas those who don’t wake up early tend to miss breakfast. This can lead to poorer eating habits throughout the day because you’re more likely to feel hungry and go for something convenient (and unhealthy).

Waking up early also gives you that crucial time to yourself, before you have to deal with the other tasks you have involving other people. You have time to acclimatise yourself to the day which will allow you to be more alert during the peak hours of the day, allowing for better performance.

You also have time to focus on your own personal, important tasks whilst everyone else is asleep. This means you will experience less disturbances allowing you to work more effectively. It’s all about time. Make time work for you, not the other way around.  

Live today like it’s your last day

Live your life today like it’s your last day. We hear this a lot and it can seem unrealistic. But when put into perspective it becomes completely realistic and empowering/inspiring. For example if I am to live today like it’s my last day alive, what can I do to make it a great final day? Realistically I can’t catch a flight to somewhere I wish to travel and enjoy and appreciate it fully – there’s not enough time.

So I can put it into perspective. Based on my current situation and where I currently am, what can I do today to ensure that it’s a great final day? For me personally, here in Wuhu, China, I can cycle around the city as the weather is lovely. I can spend time with my friends and have a good laugh. I can watch one of the many movies I have on my list. There are many things I can do to ensure that I will have a great time today, if it were to be my last day.

Do you see the point I am making? Keep it relevant to your current situation. That’s all you can do. We’re all living different lives, and all with limited time. So what to do? Do the things that will bring you the most joy as much as possible.

Start early, complete your key tasks. And then enjoy the rest of your hours living life how you want to.

Thanks for reading.


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