Stand Up With Your Back Straight

First impressions count, and your body language is a massive part of the impression others have of you. Think of somebody you know or have met recently who exudes pure confidence and has a lot of charisma. Now think back to the first time you met this person. How was their body language? Were they standing with their chest out, open to the world and vulnerable to the world? Did they stand with their back straight, shoulders rolled back and not hunched forward, like many people do?

How do you see yourself?

Your body language is a key part of how people perceive you but more importantly how you perceive yourself. If you are a confident person who rises to challenges, doesn’t shy away from growth, and is willing to meet life head on then that will undoubtedly show in your body language. You will probably stand with your back straight, shoulders rolled back and chest facing out. Others will look at you as being a capable person. You yourself, will know that you are a capable person. All because of the way you use your body to show that.

How we are mentally is reflected by how we appear physically.

If your headspace is great, your body language will reflect that. On the other hand if your headspace is not great and you lack confidence, then your body language will reflect that too. Usually with your back hunched forward, your chest facing towards the ground and your head down.

First impressions count

A lot can be assumed (and is) by a persons’ body language. A person who stands with their back straight, chest out and head up high is a much more attractive proposition (in all ways) for others to interact and deal with. In comparison to somebody who stands with their back hunched forward and chest facing the ground. Simply because the former is showing that he/she is open to the world and confident enough to meet life head on. Whereas the latter is showing that he/she is not confident being vulnerable and would rather avoid the inevitable challenges of life, instead of conquering them.

By changing the way you use your body and the way you stand, you can change the way other people see you and more importantly change the way you see yourself. Try it now. Stand up now with your back straight. Roll your shoulders back. Lift your head up. Open your chest out to the world. How does it feel? Stand like this for at least ten seconds and feel the confidence exude out of you. This is the person you can be at all times.

Body and mind are one

What’s amazing about the way you use your body is that you can change your whole life from it. You may be a person who is not willing to meet life head on, who has a lot of unconquered demons and struggles with confidence and leaving your comfort zone. Well, you can change this just by using your body to appear more confident, which will actually make you more confident as you would have noticed if you did the exercise above.

Your body and mind are so well connected that both are able to influence the other. By standing with your back straight, shoulders rolled back, and chest out you will send signals to your brain that you are a confident person. You will have new thoughts that you did not have before and be willing to do things you were not willing to do before. Isn’t that great? When applied consistently you will be doing this naturally and therefore become a more confident person – all by changing your body language.

Stand up with your back straight. Face challenges. Conquer life.

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