Life is Now And Only Now!

“Life is now”. This is what my friend Fang said to me on Tuesday, and it was exactly what I needed to hear. Perhaps it’s exactly what you need to hear too? I was starting to feel some overwhelm during the past few weeks, all because I was thinking a bit too much into the future without focusing enough on the present.

Look, it’s a thing that we all do so we should never beat ourselves up about it. Instead what we should do is remind ourselves that the present is the most important part of life; everything happens in the now. Think about the future for a moment. Do we experience the future in the future? No. Because the future becomes the present. Everything we experience in life happens in the present. To ignore the now would be to ignore life.

The seeds we plant today, will determine how well the plant grows tomorrow.

Tony Dhillon

Don’t count the days, make the days count

I was continuously thinking about my future career: What industry should I move into? What country should I live in? I was searching for potential roles every day, despite having more pressing issues at hand such as my health. And due to the unlimited amount of options we have available to us in today’s world, I was struggling to decide on one option allowing some overwhelm to creep in.

Fang’s message reminded me that I needed to stay more present. It’s easy to get caught up in the thought of “one day I’ll be doing this..” I needed to focus more on today instead of one day. “The new job role will come. I’ll be working abroad again. I’ll live in line with my purpose. No problem. So what’s the rush Tony? Why are you sacrificing your time now focusing on things that are way off into the distance. Take it one step at a time”. This is what I was saying to myself in my head as soon as I saw Fang’s message and it immediately reminded me to focus more on the present moment.

Instead of saying one day, start with today. For that one day will only come to pass if you start today.

Tony Dhillon

Get back on the wagon

Sometimes in life, we fall off the wagon – that’s okay it happens – but we must pick ourselves up and hop back onto the wagon and continue moving forward. Otherwise we’ll just be stranded alone whilst the wagon rides on without us. This too, is how our life can go; if we don’t stay present life will just pass us by and we’ll wonder where the time went. 

So just as I’ve been reminded, I’d like to remind you: stay present! Are you longing to go on a trip to see something you’ve always wanted to see? Go! Do you need to call somebody and apologise for something you did? Do it! Are you waiting for the right moment to say I love you? Say it now! 

We assume that we have lots of time to figure things out and get our act together. We don’t have nearly as much time as we think! Life moves fast and if we don’t move with it, we end up getting left behind in the dust. 

I hope Fang’s words have also inspired you, just as they inspired me, to stay present and focus on the now. 

Thanks for reading.

With gratitude,



  1. Thank you for this reminder, Tony! Especially when we chase our dreams and work for our goals, we tend to get lost in future thoughts. But real life is now; let’s go out there and enjoy!

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