How to Cope During a Lockdown

Good evening all! I am currently writing this from Shanghai China, where the city is in the midst of a lockdown. This is my second big lockdown in China – a place notorious for strict lockdowns – since Covid began. The first was obviously when Covid hit. I must say – looking back – that  the first major lockdown was a lot easier than this current one. Firstly we were able to go out and buy groceries from the supermarket after a few weeks. Secondly I had friends that lived in the same building as me which was really nice – we could meet and interact!

Current situation

However this current lockdown in Shanghai, which has made headlines on the biggest news platforms has proved to be more difficult. I haven’t left my apartment community for two months now. Most of the stores in the whole city were/are closed and at one point I couldn’t leave my building for over 7 days. This made necessities such as food and water very difficult to come by. Thankfully we are now approaching the end of this lockdown and there is plenty of light in the tunnel. Nevertheless I’d like to share some coping mechanisms and helpful tips you can apply, in times of lockdowns or general isolation.

Maintain a routine

This is arguably the most important and arguably the most difficult. A routine is the cornerstone to any long lasting success. A good routine helps you to manage your time well and keeps you at your most productive – there’s time for everything. Whether it’s when you wake up, when you eat, when and how long you work/rest or something else, a good routine will take all of that into consideration. 

However, a routine can easily become disfigured during a lockdown or time of isolation. Perhaps – like myself – you don’t have access to things that formed part of your routine. In my case it’s the inability to go to work and the gym. So what happens then? In this case we have to form a new routine suited for our current situation. Admittedly I have not been good at this, I have struggled maintaining a good routine during this lockdown. In fact the only good routine I have maintained is waking up early and making sure I eat breakfast (if I have enough food). But this is why I see the benefits of a good lockdown routine. A good lockdown routine keeps us feeling productive, in a situation where productivity can become non-existent. This leads to a better self-esteem. The more productive we are, the better we feel about ourselves and our capabilities. Therefore a good routine is important during a lockdown because it maintains our general wellness, both physically and mentally.

Keep your purpose in mind

The next coping mechanism during a lockdown is keeping your purpose in mind. For those who do not know their purpose as of yet, think of it as staying focused on your goals. What do you have to look forward to? Is there a project you are working on or plan to start? Is there something you wish to learn and have put off? For example I have had the pleasure of teaching online to my students, as well as learning Punjabi and prepping for a Life Coaching course that I will begin soon. These different things haven’t filled up my days, however they’ve provided me with stimuli and kept me focused on learning and excited for what I can become. I’m sure the same will ring true with you! Work on things you enjoy and take the time to reflect on what you wish to do with your life.

Catch some air

There’s nothing like fresh air right? This one is hard, especially in my case where I’ve been confined to my apartment for the majority of two months. Nevertheless it could be as simple as sticking your head out of a window (guilty) or going out for a walk (if possible). The point is that fresh air is imperative to our well-being and sense of self. Don’t neglect this one!


The last coping mechanism for a lockdown that I wish to talk about is human connection! We are social creatures by nature and therefore the importance of having that connection in a time of isolation is crucial to maintaining a positive mental head space. In my case I haven’t been able to meet friends or family members, but I’ve been able to video call. The beauty of technology! Through video calls with friends and family members I haven’t felt isolated and have had that human connection that’s so important in daily life, let alone a lockdown. If you can have that  human connection face-to-face then great. However if like me, you can’t, use technology to your advantage. 

Thanks for reading. I hope these tips provided you with ways to cope during times of isolation or lockdowns, especially to those currently in China with me! I hope you all have a wonderful day!

With love,


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